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PATRICIA REID-WAUGH’S first book ‘Retirement, A New Adventure’ is full of ideas how to have an active and fulfilling retirement.

Her second book ‘Retirement: The Journey and The Destination‘ is a guide to help readers learn the key considerations that should direct the process of planning for retirement so their preparation will not be fragmented, lopsided and insufficient.

The book challenges readers to develop a vision of a happier healthier retirement – the desired destination and takes them through essential elements of planning the journey to get there.

She delivers presentations at Retirement Seminars and Workshops put on by corporations and other organizations, exciting participants with colorful stories from her personal experience.

She has appeared as Featured Guest on several TV shows, radio programs and online interviews, giving valuable tips on how to navigate life in retirement.

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PATRICIA LINDSAY-FLETCHER is a Jamaican who migrated to Canada in 1987.

Her debut historical fiction novel, “Hezekiah: Many Houses, One Life” was published in May 2021.

Patricia kept a journal most of her adult life, but never imagined that one day this would result in writing a published novel.

Her debut historical novel Her debut historical fiction novel, “Hezekiah: Many Houses, One Life” is a gripping tale of class, race, and family struggle in the colonial era of the early to mid-twentieth century Jamaica.

It mirrors the pattern of many Caribbean families and leaves us asking how on earth these generational cycles can be broken?

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DANIEL FRANCIS is an award-winning author and entrepreneur from Trinidad & Tobago who wears many hats.

He is primarily a personal development coach under his family company called ReBIT Limited, and since publishing has become a self-publishing coach. The owners of ReBIT are certified under Leadership Management International, which is based in Texas.

Daniel taps into the millennial mind to unlock the door that leads to them reaching their fullest potential!

His books, The Millennial Mind and The Millennial Experience were both launched in the pandemic and sold over 2000 copies.

Daniel also throws hugely successful events with EEEmpire Events and Project Management Company, is a part of the League of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, and on the philanthropic side is a member of the Rotaract Club of Port of Spain West.

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H.E. JAMAR & NATASSIA WRIGHT are UN Ambassadors and the founders of Mind Food International.

Together, this husband-and-wife team serve as Human Resource and Leadership Practitioners, radio talk show hosts, youth advocates and inspirational speakers. Their radio show in Jamaica on Newstalk 93FM is called, “The Hope Dealers.”

They are the authors of three books. Their first book, ‘Mind Food: Recharge Your Mind” was published in 2014, the second, 30 Days to a Renewed Mind, was published in 2016. The third, ‘Hope Giver: From Woundedness to Wholeness’ will be published soon.

Mind Food International Limited develops, activates and transforms people to become leaders.

Through their work in Mind Food, they were both awarded the Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Leadership for the parish of St. Catherine in 2019.  They have held over 40 different seminars and conferences locally and internationally, attracting corporate entities and leaders from across the world.

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