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Day 1 Speaker Profiles

Didan Ashanta

Didan Ashanta is a globetrotter, connector, and mentor. Born and raised in Jamaica, she is on a mission to promote simplicity, joy and resiliency to everyone she encounters. 

As the author of “Jamaican Green Smoothies: The Essential Guide to Transforming Your Life, One Cup at a Time, With the Leafy Greens & Fruits in Your Backyard“,  Didan has helped health-seekers to fall in love with green smoothies. She continues to support their transition to whole-food, plant-based diets through her online seminars, Jamaican Ital cooking workshops, and Vital Blends & Bites support group. 

As an educator, teaching English to speakers of other languages, Didan’s work has taken her from Jamaica to Indonesia, Japan, and Newfoundland (a large island off the east coast of Canada), where she works as an English as a Second Language Program Facilitator. Drawing on her professional training and experience in cross-cultural sensitivity and guidance counselling, Didan has also devoted much of her research, community engagement projects and entrepreneurial exploits to supporting the social integration of foreign nationals studying and working abroad. Through proven life management training and support services, she equips migrants to create personal roadmaps, resilience-building routines and refocusing strategies so they can find their freedom and thrive abroad. 

Didan enjoys living on “The Rock” with her husband, daughter and son – where they can enjoy sightings of icebergs, whales, Atlantic puffins and the Northern Lights.

Cameka “Ruth” Taylor

Jamaican Authorpreneurship expert, Cameka “Ruth” Taylor, aka, The Rocket-Writer, works with published and aspiring authors to write and publish their books to achieve their God-given mission and their personal and financial goals.

Ruth created the Authorpreneur Secrets Academy and the first Caribbean Authorpreneur Summit around her book “Authorpreneur Secrets: Write Fast, Publish Affordably and Generate Lasting Income.”

She is an Amazon bestselling author of 21 books and has coached several Caribbean authors to become Amazon bestselling authors. Her mission is to raise up 10,000 winning Caribbean Authorpreneurs by 2030, to ensure fewer books die in the minds of their authors, that more manuscripts become published legacies and precious lives are transformed with the turn of each page.

Download a free copy of her book, “The Rocket-Writer” at and join her mailing list for tips to win with books.

Hilette Virgo

Hilette Virgo is a woman striving after God’s heart. She is a Christian Life Coach, International Preacher, Transformational Speaker, BestSelling Author, Publisher and Book Coach.

She is the CEO of Hilette Virgo Motivates, a company that offers Motivational Services such as one-on-one Coaching, Group Seminars, Discovery Sessions, Leadership Training and Keynotes. She is also the founder of “Femme Oasis”, a program for women that provides a safe space virtually and physically for women to unwind, refresh, renew and reinvent themselves. Her latest exploits are her establishing the Great-Nest Academy and GREATNEST Publication.

A former Police Officer and Lasco Top Copper, Hilette is on a mission to uplift, inspire and empower persons to “Tap into their GREATNEST and Soar into their GREATNESS” through her calling of writing, speaking and coaching. She believes that every soul that has graced this earth with their presence possesses a wealth of inexhaustible potential waiting to be harnessed.
Her messages are practical, potent and powerful.

Known to her clients as “Mommy Eagle” she is determined to convince everyone she meets of their inner GREATNESS one written and spoken word at a time!

Her book, Activating Her Eagle Instincts: A Unique 21-Day Devotional Digest will help you to soar like an eagle and win at life.

Dr. Clara Ricketts

Dr. Clara Ricketts holds a doctoral degree in Transformational Leadership. She is an innovator and Special Educator for over 48 years. As the founder of Sure Foundation Educational Centre, she has been a principal of special schools for over 45 years and with an emphasis on Behavior Management.

Throughout her career as a special educator Dr. Ricketts has worked with children with behavior disorders and in the process has developed strategies to cope and bring positive results. Further she is the adoptive mother of a child with learning disability and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

In her book Yes They Can: Working with Children with Learning and Behavior Disorders, she reveals these strategies to her readers.

In her passion for special education and behaviour management Dr. Ricketts has shared on many platforms addressing parents, teachers, and church groups in her native country Jamaica and further afield including Buffalo, New York; St Michielsgestel, The Netherlands; and Castries, St Lucia.