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Day 2 Speaker Profiles

Dr. Carla Dunbar

The Rev. Carla Dunbar was conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Humane Letters and awarded Fellow of the Most Excellent Order of International Expert-(FOIE) in the field of Marriage & Family Counselling at the 2017 graduation of CICA International University & Seminary. She is also a Certified Professional Life Coach and Media Consultant. She is also a Justice of the Peace in the parish of St Andrew.

In 2018, she received the prestigious award for Ecumenical Leadership, Civic Engagement and Marriage/Family Unification in the Caribbean, UK and USA during the 48th staging of the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington DC where she addressed the Caucus on Sexual Repression and the Church’s Response. 

Rev. Dr. Dunbar is the Director of Carla Dunbar Ministries and Counselling Care and the Grow Your Marriage Ministry and Academy, all of which seek to build happy and healthy marriages according to God’s design.

She is the author of three (3) books “Changed…The Journey,” “SEXCRIPTION: A Prescription for Sex” and her “52-Week Couples Devotional.” Her passion for marriage and the family continues to propel her to fulfil her mantra of ‘Rebuilding Jamaica… One Marriage at a Time.”

She is happily married to Mr. Canute Dunbar, her teenaged love. The union has produced four children; two girls and two boys. The couple now celebrates 44 years together and posterity of 10 beautiful grandchildren.  

Dr. Clinton Chisholm

The Rev. Dr. Clinton Chisholm is a retired Jamaica Baptist Union ordained Pastor who served Baptist pastorates in Jamaica for 14 years and four (4) years in South Florida. Most of his working life has been in education as tutor and lecturer in Music, Greek, Hebrew, Philosophy, Business Ethics, Apologetics and Hermeneutics. He has taught in several universities including Sheffield University, University of the West Indies and University of Technology, and recently served as Academic Dean of the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology.

Rev. Clinton Chisholm studied at the Jamaica Theological Seminary (B.Th.), the Jamaica School of Music (L.R.S.M., A.T.C.L.), the University of the West Indies (B.A.), Sheffield University, England (M.A.), the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights, France (F.C.A., Fellow in Christian Apologetics) and Biola University, USA, (M.A.)

In 2005 he was awarded the honourary Doctor of Divinity degree (D.D) by the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology in Jamaica where he served as a Guest Lecturer since 1993. The Rev. Dr. Chisholm has been involved in education at home in Jamaica and abroad. He has produced 25 educational audio media, the latest being “Homosexuality: Clinical & Biblical Perspectives”, “Afrocentrism & Black Consciousness: Challenges for Christianity“, “Challenges for Christianity” and “The Church’s Impact on Western Civilization”. He has written four books, “A Matter of Principle,” “Revelations on Ras Tafari,” “Youth Discipleship” and “A Controversial Clergyman.”

Jena Janse

Jena Janse was born in The Bahamas, raised in The Turks & Caicos Islands and educated in the US, Europe & Asia – Jena Janse is a woman of the world. Although a colourful upbringing has gained her international experience, she considers the Turks & Caicos her only home. The former sales & marketing manager turned entrepreneur enjoys serving a diverse community as a life & relationship coach, retail outlet owner/operator, writer and speaker, but her favorite role thus far is being a wife and mother. 

Her book Ring Ready is written for every woman sick of the status quo and scared of the statistics. This personal journey reminds you to get everything you want without compromising everything you are. It’s a lesson on self-worth, self-love and God’s love.

Paul A. Blake

Paul Blake is an author, motivational speaker, marriage counselor, marriage Officer, Minister of Religion, entrepreneur, husband and father, Paul is making waves. He is on a mission to living an abundant life. His philosophy is that “The power to live abundantly rest in our will to believe that we can be more than we are now”.

Paul A. Blake is the CEO/Founder of Words Worthit Motivational Speaking and Training Co. Ltd, an organization dedicated to helping people live abundant lives through the power of words. Paul lives by the mantra, “I can do all things through Christ”.

Paul has a pulsating story of how a person can overcome adversity and go on to living an abundant life. Growing up in poverty, labelled a slow learner (dunce) and told very early in life that he would amount to nothing, Paul suffered from low self-esteem and low self-worth for most of his early years. With a renewed mind and a passion for life, he now uses his impactful words to help drive people to purposeful living.

He has engaged thousands of persons locally and internationally in pulsating seminars, workshops and presentations and has a growing demand in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology from the University of the West Indies, Bachelor of Science degree in Religious Studies from the Jamaica School of Preaching and Biblical Studies, and is a candidate for the Masters of Theological Studies from Nations University in Louisiana USA. Paul was nominated in 2019 for the Indie Legacy Book Cover Design of the Year for his first book Words to Inspire Volume One.

Paul is one of the most requested lecturers in Personal Development for the National Youth Service HOPE programme (Housing, Opportunity, Production and Employment) in St. Catherine, Jamaica because of his ability to engage young people on their level.

Paul truly believes that if people can change the way they think, they can also change the quality of life they are living.