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Ep. 02 – Strengthening links with the jamaican diaspora with delano franklyn |Podcast

Show Notes

The episode focuses on how to strengthen links with the Jamaican Diaspora. Our podcast guest today author of the book, The Jamaican Diaspora: Building an Operational Framework.

He is Delano Franklyn, former Minister of Government in Jamaica, a practicing Attorney-at-Law, a businessman, and author of nine books including The Jamaican Diaspora: Building an Operational Framework. 

In this interview he tells us more about his book, The Jamaican Diaspora: Building an Operational Framework. 

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Listener Shout-Out

Susan Muir, Lecturer at the University of Technology, Jamaica

Patricia Fletcher, author of the book, “Hezekiah.” Pat is part of the Jamaican Diaspora in Canada.

Books Featured:

Pen It to Win It: Going Beyond Book Sales –

The Jamaican Diaspora: Building an Operational Framework

Guest Author Contact:

Nuggets from Episode 2


-The history of the Jamaican Diaspora

-The origins of the Jamaican Diaspora Conferences and Jamaica Diaspora Day

-How Delano Franklyn is leveraging his book

-The importance of the Jamaican Diaspora and its contribution to the Jamaica society

-How to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships with Diasporic communities;

-How you can use the book

-The concerns of the members of the Jamaican Diaspora regarding their homeland and the challenges that hinder meaningful engagement.

More About Delano Franklyn

He is a former advisor to two Prime Ministers of Jamaica. As Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade from 2002-2007, he had responsibility for the Jamaican Diaspora, and spearheaded several initiatives to strengthen Jamaica’s ties with the Jamaican Diaspora.

These include: The biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference; the Diaspora Advisory Board; the Diaspora Foundation; The Jamaica Diaspora Institute and the Jamaica Diaspora Day which is celebrated on June 16theach year. He is passionate about the Jamaican Diaspora, an avid sportsman, a die-hard Kingston College Old Boy and an active member of the Peoples National Party (PNP).

Delano Franklyn is also a Justice of the Peace and a Notary Public.