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Ep. 03 – Must-have tools and strategies for indie author success with dave chesson

Are you looking for resources and tools to become a successful Indie Author? Why not visit hosted by Dave Chesson, our guest for today.

Even Amazon has recognized his book marketing strategies by officially saying that authors “…should gain insight from Kindlepreneur on how you can optimize marketing your books…”

After years of learning, practicing, and experimenting with book markets and online stores like Amazon, Dave started to understand why certain books succeed while others didn’t.

He understands what makes Amazon tick and why they choose to show one book more on their market place than another.

Dave has built free courses, tools like Publisher Rocket, articles, videos, full guides, and more. Through Kindlepreneur you’ll learn everything you need to get your book in front of more readers, make more sales, and build your author career.

Dave is a military veteran (13 years in the military), a former nuclear engineer and military diplomat, a husband, and father of three children. When not doing dad things, he an avid book marketer.

He has taken everything he has learned over the years working with publishing companies, NYT bestsellers, and more, and packaged it all on Kindlepreneur.

He has authored 9 Books and made over 300K from self-publishing.

Guest Contact:

Books Mentioned:

 “Pen It to Win It: Going Beyond Book Sales

Keys to Win at Life: 100 Proven Strategies to Handle Life’s Challenges

Must-Have Tools Created by Dave Chesson

  • Book Description Generator
  • Kindle Calculator
  • Publisher Rocket

Nuggets from the Interview

  • Benefits of being a writer (write from anywhere)
  • You can be an author even if you are dyslexic
  • Amazon opens up publishing for everyone
  • If you can solve a problem or meet a need you can turn that information into a non-fiction book
  • A new formatting tool coming out soon (