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Meet the Co-Hosts

Racquel Newman

The Albino Marketer

Racquel Newman is a Certified Business Consultant and Digital Marketing Expert specializing in email marketing. Creator of The Albino Marketer, Racquel, a woman with albinism, has endured multiple struggles and setbacks in order to get to where she’s at today.

For more than 5 years she’s been helping her clients to grow their business by using proven digital marketing strategies and tools to increase their qualified leads and nurture them into paying customers.

Racquel has worked with notable companies such as Clickfunnels as their Data Analysis Specialist and Podcatcher platform PlayerFM.

One of her greatest gifts is being able to look at her clients’ businesses and guide them to their desired outcome, while making sure that they are not overwhelmed by the sea of products and services that “could” solve their issues. She helps her clients to get clear on the right strategy for them.

Her clients know that when they are working with her to create and implement their marketing strategies, they are getting someone with extensive knowledge of the tools, systems, and strategies that are tailor-made for them. They know that she can plan out and execute their business marketing plans. And most importantly they know that she cares about their business.

Look out for her book coming soon, “The Albino Marketer: Achieving Success Online Despite the Odds.”

Cameka “Ruth” Taylor

The Rocket-Writer

Jamaican Authorpreneurship expert, Cameka “Ruth” Taylor, aka, The Rocket-Writer, works with published and aspiring authors to write and publish their books to achieve their God-given mission and their personal and financial goals.

She is an Amazon bestselling author of 21 books, and has coached several Caribbean authors to become Amazon bestselling authors. Ruth is the Creator of the Authorpreneur Secrets Academy with a mission to raise up 10,000 winning Caribbean Authorpreneurs by 2030.

She is the creator of the first Caribbean Authorpreneur Live Virtual Summit which is part Vision 2030.

Ruth is a lover of animals and has a 10-year-old cat, Tia. Download a free copy of her book, “The Rocket-Writer” at and join her mailing list for tips to win with books.