Tune in to The Authorpreneur Secret$ (TAS) Podcast every Monday, for weekly inspiration, information and innovation for Independent Authors in the Caribbean and the Diaspora to win with books and dominate the field of Authorpreneurship.

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Each week Ruth and her guests will show you how to publish and win with books and leverage your book (s) to potentially transform millions of lives,
create financial freedom and leave a legacy.

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podcast highlights: LINKS OF ALL EPISODES BELOW


TAS Ep. 29: How to Write a Book without a Laptop & 5 Authorpreneurship Ideas

TAS Ep. 28: How to Write a Book in 24 Hours – Author Q & A Show

TAS Ep. 27: Writing & Publishing 8 Books in 3 Years with a Full-Time Job & Large Family with Leostone Morrison

TAS Ep. 26: Writing 20 Books in a Year – C. Ruth Taylor’s Rocket-Writing Story

TAS Ep. 25: Why We Should Write and Publish Our Stories & Leave a Legacy

TAS Ep. 24: Self-Publishing a Bestseller for Less Thank US$50 with Didan Ashanta

TAS Ep. 23: Publishing on a Budget Hacks and Resources to Win

TAS Ep. 22: Finding Success Working Online Despite Being Legally Blind with Racquel Newman

TAS Ep. 21: How to Publish & Sell Your Books Beyond Amazon – Author Q&A Session

TAS Ep. 20: Turning Your Transformation Story and Passion into Books with Bishop Carla Dunbar

TAS Ep. 19: How to Win Book Awards & Get a Traditional Publishing Deal with Dr. Sharma Taylor

TAS Ep. 18: The Successful Author Mindset with Joanna Penn

TAS Ep. 17: Retirement: A New Adventure with Patricia Reid-Waugh

TAS Ep. 16: The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur & Winning as an Author with Nerissa Golden

TAS Ep. 15: Defeating Cycles of Insecurity, Procrastination & Fear to Becoming an Author with D.R. Plunkett

TAS Episode 14: Understanding ISBNS – The Pros and Cons of Taking a Free One

TAS: Ep. 13: Carrying on a Founding Father’s Legacy with Stan Gerig

TAS: Ep. 12: A Call to Embrace Caribbean “Somebodiness” with Dr. Earlmont Williams

TAS Ep. 11- Untold Stories Vol.1 Book Launch & Graduate Stories of Impact

TAS Ep. 10 – How to Leverage a Book to Preserve the Mission of a School – Untold Stories Vol. 1

TAS Ep. 09 – How to Turn Your Dissertation & Expertise into a Book with Dr. Clara Ricketts

TAS Ep. 08 -How to Turn Your Family History into a Book with Pat Lindsay Fletcher

TAS Ep. 07 -How to Launch & Level Up Your Brand/Business with Podcasts with Heneka Watkis-Porter

TAS Ep. 06 -Book Marketing & Sales Strategies That Work – Author Q&A

TAS Ep. 05 -How to Get Straight A’s and Run a 6-Figure Business with Kadeem Leslie

TAS Ep. 04 -How to Publish a Book with C. Ruth Taylor

TAS Ep. 03 -Must-Have Tools and Strategies for Indie Author Success with Dave Chesson

TAS Ep. 02 – Strengthening Links with the Jamaican Diaspora with Delano Franklyn

TAS Ep. 01 – From Book to Podcast with Jamaican Authorpreneur C. Ruth Taylor

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