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Jamaican Authorpreneurship expert Cameka “Ruth” Taylor is the mind behind She works with aspiring and published authors in the Caribbean and the Diaspora to write and publish books for greater impact and income.

For more information about her and her work, visit her website and check out her media kit, bookshop and client portfolio. is a trusted space for Indie authors in the Caribbean and the Diaspora to be empowered to write and win with books beyond book sales.

Ruth’s goal is to raise up 10,000 Authorpreneurs by 2030 to advance God’s kingdom, transform lives, and create economic sustainability for others.

Through her various Authorpreneurship ventures (building profitable book-based initiatives, programs, businesses etc), Ruth is changing the narrative of what it means to win with books.

write fast, publish affordably & generate lasting income

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Do you it difficult to get content or ideas from your mind onto paper?

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This book will ensure that your goal of being a published author is within reach. It simplifies the writing and publishing process for non-fiction books, uncovers industry secrets and provides proven tools, strategies and resources to reduce your publishing expenses and maximize your impact and income.

Make Authorpreneur Secret$ a vital part of your author success plan. It is essential for our Vision 2030 plan, to raise up 10,000 Authorpreneurs from the Caribbean and the Diaspora by 2030.

About the author

Cameka “Ruth” Taylor is an Authorpreneurship Specialist and Publishing Coach. She is the best-selling author of over 20 books and an international speaker. She has spoken in at least 14 countries, empowering people to win in their personal, spiritual and professional lives. Ruth teaches authors how to leverage non-fiction books to transform lives, create sustainable income and leave a lasting legacy.